It is the milky sweetness in a china cup

Burning my lips and tongue

The tick tock in the midnight hour

Wasting away the darkness

The crickets on my windowsill

Disturbing my thoughts


The giggles in the back row church pew


The book I can’t put down


The lover I won’t leave


The beast in my dreams


The wave that claims the shore



Sadness born deep within my soul





My eyes fill with salty pools

My cries fall on deaf ears

My arms embrace the air

Make it stop!



Arlene Marie

 March 2016


5 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. I feel the heaviness in this poem and it makes my heart ache for you, sweet friend. Depression is such a real animal; it’s not something to shy away from if God can use it for the greater god. I pray for peace and healing for you from this. I hope things are alright today. I’m sending prayers and love. God hears the ache and he knows the pain. I love you and if you need me just call. ❤

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  2. Thank you my sweet sister. I don’t always feel like this but when it comes, it’s sooooooo heavy. I know others suffer from similar feelings, and I have to believe that God gave me a gift to share that might help. So there it is …. warts and all! It’s a medium day today. Missing my euphoria of the last week but it’s all good. I love you too!

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  3. You captured the feeling so well! These dark days make me draw closer to God in a way I’d never have done probably…kind of like how I used to be drawn to a bottle, but now I’m drawn to His life giving truth to get through. Is there a sequel to this in your writing vault with the spontaneous exhilaration of the morning we wake, and the dark cloud just vanished? I like to call it, Made It Through Another “Cycle” 😉 The hope of that morning makes the Sadness bearable.


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